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Next Guest Speaker Keith Sconiers President of Catalyst Training & Development and President of PaySuite


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ATFA Youth Entrepreneurship Program

ATFA is happy to announce the starting of the Youth entrepreneurship program. Registration has already started on 6/10/23 for both boys and girls aged 10-21. In order to attend all the events for the summer 2023 program, you MUST register via the general form provided below. ATFA Youth is meant to be a safe environment where we practice the virtues of our knowledge. There is no tolerance for racism, bigotry, sexism, inappropriate physical behavior, or bullying.

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Who We Are

Our mission is to be a unique program that not only focuses on financial education but also nurtures the development of society’s future leaders through leadership and entrepreneurial activities. We aim to better target and mentor teenage students nationwide, empowering them to become knowledgeable, literate, responsible, and active participants in the realms of money, saving, investing, and markets. Our goal is to create an engaging and free multi-platform instructional environment where relatable teenage instructors provide empowering content, tools, and counseling, fostering the growth of young individuals as they embark on their journey to leadership and entrepreneurship.

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At ATFA, our goal is to mentor students to become more financially literate, active, and responsible by facilitating financial-based learning in a fun manner.

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We aspire for students to not only gain knowledge but also develop proficiency in managing their personal finances and tackling real-world financial issues and challenges. At ATFA, we have established an online academy that offers a diverse range of financial topics, encompassing stocks, savings, credit scores, debt management, and much more. Our aim is to provide the best and most impactful free financial learning experience for our teenage community, while also extending our support to refugees and fostering leadership skills.

Through our program, we offer specialized resources and guidance that address the unique financial needs and circumstances faced by individuals who have sought refuge. We believe in the importance of inclusive education and strive to create a supportive environment that empowers all students, including those from refugee backgrounds, to acquire essential financial knowledge and skills.

Additionally, our curriculum emphasizes the development of leadership abilities among students. We offer opportunities for them to cultivate their leadership potential, encouraging them to take on roles and responsibilities within our community. By nurturing leadership qualities, we aim to equip our students with the necessary skills to make a positive impact on society and become future leaders in their communities.